Monday, November 10, 2008


I need to post another update, but unfortunately I do not have much to report. I missed both Wednesday's and Monday's classes because I was/am sick. I am almost finished with my PowerPoint though! I actually was at this stage last Friday night, but I lost the document when my hard drive stopped working. Thank the Lord for the Apple Store here in Knoxville because they were able to install a new hard drive this morning in under 1 hour. I was unwise and did not have the original project backed up so I started over last night on one of the university's computers. The project was not that difficult, but I still do not understand the purpose of the separate "directions" and "homepage" pages. I also don't know how much I would ever use this type of project in my class because it is SO time consuming. I can't imagine creating more than one or two a year for my classes. I also never quite figured out the "master slide" concept. That could be because I could not find any of the buttons we used in class when I was recreating my PowerPoint because I had to use the 2007 version.

I actually might like 2007 better than 2004 (which is currently on my computer). 2007 is definitely much more aesthetically pleasing than 2004, but it does not have the same pull down menus at the top so it was difficult to get used to the different format after using the 2004 format for so long (aka all of college and the latter half of high school).

I am looking forward to finishing the project tonight, especially after the epic fail that was losing the first draft.

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